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What's It All About?

In My Yard is the story of two hardworking Landscapers from Surrey, who had a yard full of leftover materials and a vision to create an online community where tradespeople could buy and sell not only materials, but also machinery, tools and equipment.

The IMY project was all about bringing people together, helping them to make and save money and where possible for the members to do their bit for the environment by minimising the impact of construction waste.

Fast forward a couple of years, many long nights and countless edits, the dream became a reality! In My Yard has launched and exciting times lay ahead for our site and its users. 

“We are stronger together than we are alone”

                                                Walter Payton

But we didn’t set up this blog just to pitch our fantastic new website to you. That’s just an added bonus lol! The Yardy Blog is the next step in bringing our trades community together. It’s a platform for us to share not only our thoughts and journey, but to hear from other Trades men and women and those who work in the industry. 

We are planning to interview as many of you as possible, to understand why you do what you do. We want to understand the paths you have had to tread to get to where you are and what you are looking to do in the future. We also want to explore the issues effecting our trades industry and how we can come together to address them.

Education is key, so lets teach each other and hopefully inspire the next generation to take up a trade or to work with and help those that do.

Anyway, back to that amazing website

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