It’s great to be busy, isn’t it?


As landscapers we have never been so busy. Booked up throughout 2021 and in to 2022, which is fantastic, but will it last and does it come at a cost?

With the world having been in lockdown, many people have been able to bank some money that would normally have been spent on travel, nights out and other leisure activities. This in turn has seen a huge rise in spending within the home, on construction and DIY projects.

Some of us in the industry are lucky to be looking at a full diary and knowing we have work for the year ahead. But the boom has brought its own pressures – material shortages, increasing prices, delays, staffing challenges – and with opportunities returning to spend money on life’s other pleasures and priorities, will the boom last and are there cracks starting to appear? How best to manage these pressures? And how best to reduce the environment impact of all these works?

A busy industry has resulted in a shortage of supply across the UK. If you speak to any tradesperson, they will tell you they’ve been affected in one way or another. Prices have been on the up for several months now. Products like concrete, plaster and timber have increased massively, which ultimately results in the need to pass on the price increase to your customer.

Clients then look to having their projects completed cheaper. We speak with many customers who have made that difficult decision, but with horrendous results. This is of course nothing new. You can always have a job done at a lower cost, but it will be to a much lower standard.

Then of course, you have those that don’t want to wait. When you say you are busy for the whole of the year, they will want to look elsewhere. Thankfully, over recent years the number of clients who do their research and are prepared to wait for experience and knowledge has increased. We see potentially stunning projects that will now be carried out by those who aren’t in a position to complete them to the necessary professional standard, and its heart breaking!

So, tradespeople are busy and so are their suppliers, but prices are on the up! Diaries are full, but will it last? House prices are high and property is selling, but will that last? And what about the environmental impact of all this activity? How can we take more meaningful steps to address that? It’s great to be busy, isn’t it..?

There is no doubt that we need to think better and smarter about what we are doing and how we are doing it –

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