The Rattle King of Norfolk!


Darcie Richards is an ambitious female bricklayer from Old Buckenham, near Norwich. Championing tradeswomen, she has recently appeared in the Sun Newspaper, local Norfolk press, on BBC Radio and ITV news and has just become a new face for Scruffs workwear.

We first crossed paths with Darcie when she won one of In My Yards monthly competitions. She was delighted with her Makita Radio and was kind enough to spread the IMY word on her very impressive social media channels.

We wanted to find out a more about this impressive young lady….

Qu. How long have you been working as a bricklayer?

 Ans. I have been bricklaying for just over a year and was labouring for 6 months before that. 

 Qu. How did you get into bricklaying?

I really never wanted to be a bricklayer. I came back from travelling and didn’t have a career to go into, so I went on site with my Dad to labour while I was looking for a full-time job somewhere else. I ended up getting on the trowel and learning it from there.

I don’t work for my Dad anymore though. I have flown the nest and now work for another company. My dad taught me well!

 Qu. What do you love about your job?

What I love most… tea breaks! lol.  

I love how fast time goes. You get stuck into it, you can chat and listen to music while working. It’s just a very chilled fun job. I like having lots to look back on at the end of the day and be proud to say ‘yeah, I did that’..

 Qu. What do you dislike about your job?

I hate getting dirt under my nails. 

Although I work on site and act like a bloke sometimes, I’m still a girl and we don’t usually like getting our hands dirty! So a building site really isn’t the best place for me. But you’ve gotta take the good with the bad. I just hate being dirty, and I seem to spend most of my life covered in mud! 

 QuWhat’s the one tool or piece of equipment that makes you money or you couldn’t live without?

My Bon Trowel is like part of my arm! 

It’s always on me and you can use it for pretty much anything! Screwdriver, saw, chopper, slicer, shovel, it has many uses. 

 QuTell us about Darcie? Any hobbies / pastimes outside of work?

I love to ride horses. I have my own horse who I compete in eventing. I’ve ridden horses since I was 10 and I’m now 26!

I also sing, play guitar, love to cook, I’m into crafting, write journals, and amongst all that, I do also have a social life! Lol

I lived in Australia for 4 years and I am an Australian Permanent Resident. I will be heading back over next year. 

 QuHow has the Covid-19 Pandemic effected you / your business?

Covid really hasn’t effected me in any way. I’ve still gone to work every day. In fact, business is booming! 

 QuCan you tell us a funny site story?

Most of the funniest moments on site come from my brother Jody. He is so stupid its hilarious. Great bricklayer though! When he first started bricklaying, he built a wall and ended up putting all the wall ties in the wrong way… like poking out the face work side outside the house! Lol

Just being on site every day in general is a laugh, always falling over, doing things wrong, picking on each other. Site banter!

 QuFinally, can you give us a top female bricklayers tip?

Measure twice, cut once!

A big thank you to Darcie for speaking to us. Make sure to follow her on Instagram or TikTok @rattle_kings / rattlekings.

Look out for more trades interviews and meet ups in the coming weeks.

If you are a tradesperson or work in the industry and are passionate about your job, we’d love to hear from you, so do get in touch –


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The Rattle King of Norfolk!

Darcie Richards is an ambitious female bricklayer from Old Buckenham, near Norwich. Championing tradeswomen, she has recently appeared in the Sun Newspaper, local Norfolk press,

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